It has been a pleasure for us to help create happier, healthier smiles for the past 28 years. Ever since Dr. Hitesh Doshi set up this practice in 1985, it has continuously kept pace with modern times. We have developed a state of the art facility, incorporated the latest advances in technology and most importantly, established a group of highly skilled and motivated professionals to look after you.

We offer a wide range of services from simple restorations and cosmetic procedures to orthodontics and Implantology. It’s important to us that we understand your needs, so that we can work together to make sure your smile is always at its best.

Clinic uses top quality internation chairs from GNATUS :

  • Avoids cross patient infection.
  • Hands free control of chair movements ensures hygiene.
  • Extra safety of patient and user is maintained.
  • Manufactured as per internationa standards like CE/ISO for better safety of patients.

Dr. Hitesh Doshi specialises in Root Canal surgery and offers international quality dental care & specialty treatment. For the fine and abiding enterprise that he has shown in being able to set up an ultra-modern dental clinic where all the facilities are available for catering to each smile or a better denture, besides providing all the crucial and other services, which are backed up by his extraordinary talents and as a net result.

Our mission is to make your visit at our centre comfortable & satisfying experience. We will be glad to hear from you if you have any questions.

What we do:

Implants and Prosthodontics
Complete Dentures
Removable Partial Dentures
Fixed Partial Dentures
Esthetic & Cosmetic Dental
Smile Design
Crowns and Bridges
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Diastema Closure
Repair of Tooth
Teeth Whitening
Direct and Indirect Veneers
Flap Surgery
Pocket Reduction
Direct / Indirect Restorations
Inlay / Onlay Restorations
Root Coverage
Pediatric Dentistry

Patient Treatment