Here is what our patients have to say

Shantibhai Swaminarayan

Shantibhai Swaminarayan (New Jersey, USA)
I was very reluctant to undergo my dental treatment due to my age of 75 years, but I must say I now have no regrets whatsoever. The dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation process was simple, painless and smooth. It has been quite a long time and I have had no problems at all.

Bhartiben Vesuwala

Bhartiben Vesuwala
I had undergone the treatement of Full Mouth Rehabilitation and implants have been placed in upper and lower and over denture was given on the lower implants. The ambience at Adarsh Dental Clinic is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain.

Pooja Choksi

Pooja Choksi
The doctor made me feel very comfortable and recommended the best treatment for Implants. The atmosphere of the clinic was very soothing and comfortable and I am very happy with the outcome. The clinic is very hygienic. Thank you very much.

Jinal Patel

Jinal Patel
I am delighted. The dentist has done an excellent job. The atmosphere at Adarsh Dental Clinic is very comfortable. I am happy with the treatment i received. Thank you very much.

Hemaben Khatiwala (U.S.A)

Hemaben Khatiwala (U.S.A)
Each thing, each person and service of the clinic is upto perfection. Trust would be a special feature I would say while referring to anybody. Smile Design and Veneers treatment went very smoothly. I really appreciate Dr. Hitesh Doshi. Thank you very much.

Alpa Gandhi

Urmilaben Jagadiawala (Bharuch)
I am very happy with the treatment of Adarsh Dental Clinic. The dentist has done my treatment of full mouth rehabilitation,flap surgery and root canal very nicely. Adarsh Dental Clinic is very neat and tidy. The doctor and the staff members are very efficient and friendly. Thank you very much.

AbhiAdarsh Koya

Sanjiv Sood
My dental treatment of implants and full mouth rehabilitation, done at Adarsh Dental Clinic was very good. The ambience at Adarsh Dental Clinic is very pleasing, with the soft music playing in the background. The staff is very good and co-operative. I am very much satisfied with the treatment I received. Thank you very much.

Preeti Yadav

Bhartiben Gandhi (U.S.A)
Professionally run, takes good care of patients.I am very satisfied with my implants treatment.I would happily recommend Adarsh Dental Clinic to anyone. Thank you very much.

Viral Doshi

Mahesh Chug
I am very satified with the treatment of full mouth rehabilitation i received. The doctor is very humble and very efficient. The staff is kind ,polite and co-operative. The atmosphere at Adarsh Dental Clinic is very good. The outcome of my treatment definitely fulfills my expectation. Thank you very much.

Gulab Avlani

Pravinbhai Kabutarwala
I underwent the treatment of implants. I found the care and attention that I received at Adarsh Dental Clinic to be excellent. I was kept very well informed about what necessary work I needed and in a helpful and unpressurised manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adarsh Dental Clinic. Thank you very much.